Hot School Meals

Pupils, parents and governors at Willoughby St Helena C of E Primary School invited special guests to celebrate the grand opening of their school kitchen on Wednesday 1st May. The school's former dinner lady Mrs Riddington, who was in post for 28 years when the original school kitchen was open, was guest of honour and cut the ribbon prior to a Ready, Steady, Cook competition between Headteacher Mrs Sue Belton and Cook in Charge, Mrs Sharon Wilkinson.

The School Association has held numerous fundraising events over the years and now along with a grant from the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service, the school's dreams have become a reality. The school has also received support from local businesses, L.J. Fairburn & Son and Willoughby Farms to fund free meals for the children as well as local councilor Angie Smith.

Max thumbs up
Max gives his meal two thumbs up

Before Easter, parents and pupils enjoyed tasting and discussing menu options and the School Association paid for the whole school to enjoy free school dinners all week, leading to a 60% school meal up-take in the first 2 weeks. Parents and carers are invited to eat at the school every day and Kate Shaw, Local Programme Manager in Lincolnshire said, "I am delighted to see children with packed lunches sit side-by-side with those enjoying a school dinner and with Sharon's evident enthusiasm and new facility on-site, the school's fantastic food culture can only go from strength to strength".

The children are pleased to report that Mrs Wilkinson took the resounding win in the "cook off" competition and Mrs Belton has been asked to play to her strengths and stay in the classroom!