Aims and Values

High expectations of all the children

Prior learning is recognised and built upon

All progress is celebrated.

Immersion in vocabulary-rich talk

Clear progression of key subject specific skills

Eight value-led learning behaviours

A knowledge-rich curriculum

Teaching and learning adapted to be accessible yet challenging for all learners.

Use of well-researched cognitive theories

Individual progress tracked carefully

Intervention work carried out and reviewed regularly

For our children to discover and reach their full academic potential

We aim to provide a high-quality education through a coherent curriculum journey so that everyone is challenged to think, make their best progress, secure powerful knowledge, language and skills, widening their horizons.

An integral thread of our eight Christian Values and the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning across all areas of the Curriculum to support children’s personal development and wellbeing.

Pupil voice: e-safety officers

Families’ Champion/Emotional Literacy Support Assistant work

Pupil responsibilities: shared code of conduct, playground leaders, learning buddies, monitors

Social intervention groups

Outside agency support

High adult to child ratio

Charity events: local, national

For our children to play an active, responsible role within the community

We aim to help children understand their responsibility as active citizens, charged with the vital task of understanding, shaping and caring for our beautiful, fragile World together.

Opening minds, widening horizons, developing a better world.

For our children to flourish and grow with strong moral and social values

We aim to create a happy, healthy, safe environment in which children are helped to learn and achieve as much as they possibly can in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect with the support of the family and the Diocese.

Our Global responsibility: Charity fund raising, Learning from the News – past and present, connecting with other communities

Our National understanding: Residential trips, visits, visitors, diversity and differences, British values,

Celebrating our locality: Local History and Geography studies, Inter-sporting and Arts events, Kyra East Kids Council, links with local secondary schools, local farming events, visitors, Lincolnshire Day celebrations, Local Beach Clean

Valuing our School Community: Church services, Special days, Festivals, weekly celebration assemblies, whole school social events, opportunities to talk, discuss and have their opinions heard

For our children to be happy, confident, committed learners

We aim to provide a broad, balanced curriculum, with a wide variety of engaging, authentic experiences that encourage our children to love learning, to be proud of their own efforts and to become open-minded, curious, creative problem solvers and storytellers.

Enjoyable, developmental, daily sessions of English and Maths, authentically linked when possible to other curricular areas

Real learning motivated by an audience and a purpose, polished and refined

Exploratory Science sessions

First hand experiences leading to the exploration of our World and self-knowledge

The use of technology and computing as an aid to communication, motivation, understanding and knowledge

Cross-curricular themes across a rolling programme linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (Playing and Exploring, Active Learning, Creating and thinking critically) and National Curriculum Programmes of Study.

Two hours/week of a range of physical activities to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle.